Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blogger's Remorse

So,  it's been a long, long long time since I sat down and posted. Since February, I've purchased a yoga studio with two other partners, Lee haS left for a year long deployment, we've braved a whole summer with mom working full time, our dog has had puppies, we've lost a gerbil, two frogs and a hermit crab, and in general we've been busier than we've ever been in our entire life!

Whew, what a mouthful..... Let's back up to the yoga studio. While living in China I kept feeling that I needed to find a job, but there was nothing there that really suited me. When we got word that we'd be returning to the States, I again felt that I should find a job but also felt very strongly that I should be patient and allow the right opportunity to present itself. I went on an interview (singular, mind you) and realized right away that a position in typical corporate America wasn't going to be a good fit for our family. I posted lots of resumes, entertained a few ideas and ultimately, just as I knew from the beginning, the right opportunity presented itself to our family.

I had been attending yoga classes at a nearby studio for about 2 months, when the studio became available for purchase. I began to investigate, not knowing how in the world I would manage to come up with the capital. I met with the studio owner and her broker, felt really good about things and then got word the next day that she had accepted an offer from a cash buyer. I was disappointed but somehow not heartbroken, feeling as though things would still work out.

The buyers were looking for a manager for the studio and so the studio owner put me in contact with the buyers, who interviewed me and hired me on the spot. I was very happy! Two days later we met over dinner with Lee so we could talk and get acquainted. Richard and Paula Albertson turned out to be a great couple who offered me the chance to not just manage the studio, but to be a partner as well. So, through a roller coaster chain of events, I found my dream job (I don't have to wear shoes all day long!) and feel so satisfied in my career field. I am home each day by about 2:30 and am able to work from home if necessary. I get to practice yoga for free (not that I have the free time very often!) and I get to promote something that I truly believe in wholeheartedly.

You could argue all day with me that there is no God or that He has no part in our everyday life, but I'd never listen to a word you'd have to say. I don't particularly believe in coincidence, but have a firm belief and knowledge that the Lord only directs and blesses us as we listen and follow based on faith. What an opportunity of a lifetime for me and my family! I must say that we've been blessed in ways we could never have forseen.

Stay tuned for more on Lee's deployment and the blessings and challenges that it has brought to our family.


  1. Hi mom,
    i love your post. Please dont talk about my lost gerbil. But i do really like your blog!

    - Allie

  2. Thanks for catching me up Kitty!! What a fabulous opportunity for you and your family. You are a PERFECT YOGA woman, and the only thing missing is me being able to reap the benefits of this amazing place. We sure miss you guys, and think of you often!!